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2024 June (Midsummers)

Fizzy Margarita

Style: RTDProducer: BryggverketOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 5%Price: 35krSystembolaget: 30032 Bryggverket were established in 2013 and have since grown to become one of the biggest breweries in Norrland since releasing… Read More »Fizzy Margarita


Style: Smoked bock lagerBrewery: Nils OscarOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 7.2%Price: 37krSystembolaget: 32469 Founded in 1995, Nils Oscar is named after the founder’s grandfather and is based in central Nyköping.… Read More »Rökbock

Franziskaner Wheat

Style: Wheat beerBrewery: Spaten Franziskaner BräuOrigin: GermanySize: 50clAlcohol: 5%Price: 22krSystembolaget: 1096 Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu is a brewery in Munich which produces Spaten and Franziskaner beers and is one of only… Read More »Franziskaner Wheat

Brewski Strawberry Pie

Style: Berliner weisseBrewery: BrewskiOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 4%Price: 43krSystembolaget: 31168 Based in Helsingborg, Brewski currently run two bars in Helsingborg and Helsinki, along with the famous beer festival Brewskival.… Read More »Brewski Strawberry Pie