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Skeleton Pre Party

    Style: Sour beer
    Brewery: Fermenterarna
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 6%
    Price: 50kr
    Systembolaget: 37285

    The single worst thing that I experience when preparing for the club is when breweries put up little to no information about themselves or the beers they release. I don’t need to know every single tiny bit of brewing information, but something that I can use to talk about during the beer presentation is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, this brewery falls into the “hardly any info” category. I managed to find out that this brewery is situated next to the river in Gothenburg and is run by Niclas Aronsson and Anna Claesson. After scouring social media, I also found out that this sour is brewed with blackcurrant, yuzu and vanilla. Luckily, despite the lack of news on the beer it was still excellent!

    This was incredibly thick, with an intense indigo colour and a beautiful pink head. Truly, it was creamy, heavy and looked extremely inviting. As it was smoothie looking in appearance, carbonation levels were impossible to record. The aroma was great, with big vanilla and blackcurrant notes leaping from the glass. It was almost like the aroma of red wine gums coupled with some raspberry notes too. The taste was dry but fruity, with massive dark fruit notes backed up with the sweet vanilla. The aftertaste continued the juicy fruit for a long time after swallowing, coating the whole throat on its way down. The alcohol was completely negated, but at just 6% that isn’t surprising.

    There is no doubt that this is a great beer. I think some people would want the acidity to come through a bit more, but I found it to be at exactly the right level. The one big negative for me would be the price, as 50kr is rather high for this I think. Ignoring the price however though, I would easily say that this is a triumph of modern day sour beers. Let just hope they put a bit more information up about their next beer though!