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Motörhead Rum

    Supplier: Brands For Fans
    Country: Dominican Republic
    Size: 70cl
    ABV: 40%
    Price: 369kr
    Systembolaget: 11450

    I have never been much of a spirit drinker, preferring usually to stick to beer or cider. Saying that though, when I do take a top shelf drink nowadays it is usually rum. I ike the sweetness coupled with vanilla and coconut that is prevalent in a lot of aged Caribbean rums. When I foun that Motörhead were bringing out a rum, I was a bit confused. Lemmy was renowned for drinking Jack Daniels, so it seemed a bit of a strange choice to market a rum with his band on it. Then again, the Motörhead brand name can be found on everything from beer, wine, vodka and whiskey so I guess why not rum too. I can’t lie, I actually thought this would taste like shit, like some of their beer. To my complete surprise, this was actually really great rum.

    I’m no rum expert, just a fan, so I wont write too much. This was dark amber to ruby brown in colour due to it being stored in bourbon barrels for up to 8 years. Wood, bourbon and vanilla were the main notes in both aroma and taste. It was so smooth, with the bourbon coming through well in the aftertaste as well. This was a well priced, lovely rum. Well worth trying if you get the chance.