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Ayinger Lager Hell

    Style: Helles lager
    Brewery: Privatbrauerei Ayinger
    Origin: Germany
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 4.9%
    Price: 29kr
    Systembolaget: 55281

    This tasting was different from all the others I’ve had over the years, as this tasting involved a tour of Guitars the Museum. As I knew people would e focused on what the tour guides had to say, I wanted something quite like an inoffensive for the guests to sip on. My first instinct was a lager, and so I went with the helles lager from Ayinger. The brewery opened in 1877 and is based in Bavaria, Germany, about 25 km from Munich. They were included in the list of top 10 breweries in the world at the World Beer Championship 4 years in a row. After previous experiences with other Ayinger beers, I knew it was true that they were indeed a quality brewer, and so this seemed like the perfect choice to start the night,

    This was light golden with medium carbonation and a thick fluffy head that held very well. It had crisp light malts along with hints of lemon and grass notes in the aroma and was fresh and lively. This was extremely smooth, with a rounded sweetness that came through on the tongue first. This then faded to reveal the easy citrus notes along with some cracker. The aftertaste was also quite sweet, and left the palate slightly sticky.

    This was simply a very enjoyable lager. I hope the guests will go back again and try this when they are not focused on something else, as it is a truly delightful and crisp thirst quencher. A quality lager from a quality German brewer.