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Final results and awards

    Final results:

    1st place (29 votes): Denmark
    2nd place (28 votes): Finland
    3rd place (23 votes): Sweden
    Last place (11 votes): Norway

    So Denmark pipped Finland to the title by just one vote and it couldn’t have been any closer! Sweden was just a few votes behind and well, Norway had a nightmare. I’m not sure why Norway did so badly, as they had a good range of beers that I thought would do much better than they did.

    Most votes: 
    Nørrebro Bryghus New York lager
    Least votes: Macks Arctic lager / Against The Grain APA
    Beer that deserved to do better: Amundsen Ink & Dagger
    Beer that didn’t deserve to do so well: Svaneke Baltic Liquorice porter
    My favourite beer of the tasting: Lervig Saskatoon Cheesecake stout

    16 beers was a lot to try in 2 hours and I’m so happy the tasting went so smoothly. Although a bit hectic, I was happy with the voting system and the range of beers we tested. I’m looking forward to doing something similar again next year, maybe with the British countries. Until then, on to more tastings!