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Petritegi Sidra Natural

    Style: Basque style cider
    Producer: Petritegi
    Origin: Spain
    Size: 75cl
    Alcohol: 6%
    Price: 100kr
    Systembolaget: 82103

    Based in the cider making region of Spain known as Basque, this cidery has been producing cider for 5 generations. Intended originally just for their own family consumption, demand grew and they now export around the world. Sidra, or Sargadoa as Basque country is called, is flat and acidic due to it being fermented using spontaneous fermentation similar to the lambic style of beers from Belgium. It is traditionally poured from height to aerate it, with most bartenders raising the bottle above head height before decanting into a waist level glass. I think the sidra style is fascinating, with a rich history that goes with it. I always try and have a sidra if I can in my cider tastings as it adds an extra element to the event. With this being one of the most famous sidra available in Sweden today, I grabbed a few bottles!

    This cider poured with a hazy light straw colour and is completely flat. The aroma was acidic, with big vinegar, tart green apple, yeast and lemon all noted. This continued into the taste, with the fruity sweetness coupled with the yeasty funk of straw and white wine vinegar. The sharp crab apple taste resonated throughout the palate and made the mouth water with the acidity. Once swallowed, it left the palate extremely dry, with hints of wood and red apple tannins present.

    I can understand how some people can dislike this cider as it’s sharp, tangy and an acquired taste. If you like sour beers though, especially lambics and gueuze beers, then this could be right up your alley as there are a lot of similarities. I think I would buy more sidra if they came in smaller sizes, as most are sold in 75cl bottles. For me, it’s just too much to drink in one sitting. I do realize though this is the traditional way to sell this style of cider though of course. If you like your ciders funky, dry and sour, this could perfect for you!