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Omnipollo Hatt

    Style: Hazy IPA
    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 6.2%
    Price: 34kr
    Systembolaget: 38685

    This beer was produced to celebrate Omnipollo Hatt, the first bar the brewery opened in Stockholm in 2015. The bar is now famous in the capital for its draught beer and pizza combinations. Since then, Omnipollo has opened bars in Gothenburg, Hamburg and Tokyo. As the hazy IPA style is so popular right now, I knew it would be easy to find one or two from this brewery, and so this seemed like a good fit to slip in halfway through the tasting.

    This has a big, thick body with a deep straw hue that was almost opaque. A long-lasting white head topped the beer and stayed for a surprisingly long time. The aroma was a lot lighter than expected, with hints of apple, mango and apricot all found in the delicate smell. This was easy to drink but had a slightly subdued taste which consisted of stone fruit, wheat, moss and a good dose of floral notes. A dank peach note came through slowly in the aftertaste. The alcohol wasn’t noticeable, but that was to be expected. The carbonation was medium to high, and really uplifted the taste with its effervescent note.

    This was a pleasant and easy to drink IPA with a chewy body and light flavour that would pair beautifully with pizza. I would say this is could be a great introductory step into the IPA world for people who don’t usually drink the style, as it was mild without lacking flavour. Very nice indeed!