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NKB Endless Summer NEIPA

    Brewery: Nordic Kiwi Brewers
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 44cl
    ABV: 6.3%
    Price: 45kr
    Systembolaget: 33852

    It must be said, I do like a good NEIPA. All those lovely tropical fruits swirling together on the tongue can be such a beautiful and fragrant combination. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is or what I’m up to, I always have time for some fruity, juicy IPA. I had quite a few to choose from when deciding which to buy in, as it seems that the boom in NEIPA production just continues to grow. I decided to for the Endless Summer though as I had a beer from NKB in a previous tasting and I enjoyed it. Endless Summer is also the name of a great surfing documentary, and just that name alone brings forth visions of sandy beaches and summer fun, so I couldn’t resist.

    Once I opened the can and decanted it, the first thing I noticed was just how lively it was. Small bubbles were shooting up the glass, and it made for a great look to the beer. It was deep straw coloured and hazy as expected, with a massive soapy head that held extremely well. This was a very fragrant NEIPA, with lovely mango, passionfruit and blood orange all mixing delightfully around in the bouquet. The exaggerated carbonation was evident straight away on the first sip. So much so in fact it was reminiscent of prosecco in its liveliness. A big range of fruit came through upon tasting, with a continuation of the fresh mango and orange flourishing on the tongue. This was drying on the palate, but left the mouth wanting another sip just to enjoy all that juicy fruit again.

    This was a well made and chuggable NEIPA. I could easily buy this and enjoy it again. The only downside I would say is that it was almost too well carbonated, as it was slightly detracting from the overall mouthfeel of the beer. Still, a very nice brew that is just waiting to be drunk on a beach soon.