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The Glorious Gorilla DIPA

    Style: Hazy DIPA
    Brewery: Pine Ridge Brewery
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 8%
    Price: 38kr
    Systembolaget: 37059

    I love big, fruity IPA in the summer so of course, I had to have one in this tasting. The Pine Ridge Brewery first caught my eye a few years ago with their stylish cans and well-made products. Based in Falkenberg and with a capacity of 100,000L, Pine Ride won 9 of the 33 awards that were available at Nolia Beer 2022. This beer won silver in the IPA category, which was a very hard fought group of beers! The brewery also owns a BBQ restaurant called  “The Zoo” to match the animal themed can artwork they have on every beer. I knew this would be a safe choice of beer to have in the tasting, and I’m happy to report it went down well with the guests!

    This had a golden colour with a thick, hazy look to it. It had a big, white, fluffy head that held for a fair amount of time. It also seemed to have a thick body and a medium level of carbonation, noted by the bubbles travelling up the side of the glass. Those big hops notes leapt from the glass upon sniffing, with lovely lemon, apricot, fresh grass and pine all emanating from the glass. The thick body was confirmed when sipped, with the beer covering the whole palate. The lovely blend of aromas continued into the taste. Mango, passion fruit, pine and lemon were all noted on the palate. The aftertaste lingered, with those peach and mango notes lasting a long time on the back of the tongue. The one downside I could see if that it’s quite sweet, so if you like your DIPA a bit more on the bitter end, you might not enjoy it as much as others.

    This was a well crafted and extremely enjoyable DIPA. There was a very nice balance between the malt and hops, and I can see why this is an award winner. Another excellent beer from Pine Ridge!