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Fizzy Margarita

    Style: RTD
    Producer: Bryggverket
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 5%
    Price: 35kr
    Systembolaget: 30032

    Bryggverket were established in 2013 and have since grown to become one of the biggest breweries in Norrland since releasing their first beer in 2014. It was recently taken over by This Is How from Piteå. This is the first RTD (ready to drink) alcoholic drink they have produced and is made with a mixture of pure alcohol and tequila. This had a great reception from the guests at the Umeå Beer Festival a few months earlier, so I thought this would be perfect to put into the tasting.

    It had a lime juice to lychee colour with high carbonation and zero head as expected. The aroma is orange peel and lime zest, with a hint of alcohol in the background, forming a very nice aroma. It was almost reminiscent of an old school cloudy lemonade. The taste had a great balance between the citrus and the sugar, making this very easy to drink. The body with sticky and clung to the palate after swallowing. The aftertaste was sweet citrus, which made you want to take another sip.

    This was so easy to drink, it could be classed as dangerous! I can see why this has been so popular in the last few months, and I think this will go down very well in the hot summer months to come.