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Primátor Easter Lager

    Brewery: Primátor
    Country: Czech Republic
    Size: 50cl
    ABV: 5.5%
    Price: 22kr
    Systembolaget: 11851

    I recently travelled to Prague to experience all the sights and sounds of the lovely old city. Whilst there, I was lucky enough to try a number of different Primátor beers that aren’t available in Sweden. It must be said that the 10% 50cl bottle of their dubbel nearly did me in. When I came back home I found that they had released their Easter beer on these fair shores for the first time ever so I thought I would grab some for the tasting. I expected it to be a pretty normal and average Easter beer and I was pretty much spot on.

    It was dark amber in colour, with a good frothy and bubbly head. The beer was well carbonated and continued to bubble through the whole duration of the testing. The smell was of light and sweet malt accompanied by the distinct Czech hops. There was hardly any fruit, as the emphasis was squarely on the malts. The taste was best described as quite rustic. Generous notes of straw, bread and syrup entwined, along with a smaller and milder metallic hit. The aftertaste was surprisingly warm for being just a 5.5%. The malt continued through and a small amount of bitterness pulled through in the roof of the mouth.

    There wasn’t that much to say about this beer to be honest. It was clean, crisp and well made. It just seemed to lack a certain something. Maybe it was because I tasted much better Primátor back in Prague that this couldn’t really stand up to that. It wasn’t bad, just a bit boring. I could drink it again, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I would reach for in the bar.