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Big League DIPA

    Brewery: Harpoon Brewery
    Origin: Boston, Massachusetts
    Size: 35.5cl
    Alcohol: 7.5%
    Price: 28kr
    Systembolaget: 1036

    When I think of beer and the USA, the DIPA style is always near to the top of my list. With its big juicy flavours, iconic look and full bitterness, the style is as American as apple pie. The genre was indeed invented in California is 1994, and has continued to grow to become a favoured choice for the craft brewer. Harpoon have been brewing since 1986 and were the first brewery to  be awarded a licence in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are most well known in Sweden for their Jai Alai IPA, but have tried to build on their success in this country with this double IPA that is infused with Mediterranean sea salt and chia seeds.

    As is the standard for the genre, this beer was deep golden in golden with a thick haze and an impressive head that held on for a long time. The aroma of dried pineapple, strong sea salt, grain and light mango was delicious, and really increased the anticipation for the beer. Upon sipping, a lovely smooth mouthfeel greeted us, along with flourishes of mango, pineapple, resin and freshly cut grass. The carbonation seemed to be low to medium, but it wasn’t detrimental to the taste of the beer in this case. The sea salt came through in the aftertaste, but not overtly so. The mouth was alight with different feelings in the aftertaste, with a big bitter hit accompanying the fresh juice and savoury hits.

    When I bought this, it must be said I was a bit worried. It was rather cheap, and I thought maybe the beer might suffer because of that. It turns out I was very wrong! This was a lovely beer, with a great balance and very easy to drink, even with the 7.5% ABV. This was great value for money, and I have bought some more myself since the tasting to have in the fridge at home. Delicious!