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Baladin Isaac

    Brewery: Birrificio Baladin
    Country: Italy
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 5%
    Price: 40kr
    Systembolaget: 89194

    It must said, this wasn’t the easiest theme to buy beers for. Yes, there are plenty of beers made in the southern European countries, however there are relatively few that make their way to these chilly shores. I was thankful that we coud get Baladin exported over here as I knew I wanted one of their beers in my tasting. Starting out as a brewpub back in 1996, Baladin has established itself as a quality brand in the field of Italian craft beer. I chose their Isaac witbier as it was not only one of the first beer they produced, but also still one of the most successful.

    One thing I loved about this beer even before I poured it is the aesthetics. The shape of the bottle and label are really rather pretty and it continues across the whole range. It was really pale milky gold in colour and formed a massive bubble bath style head. It was very fresh and fizzy in the smell, with delicate notes of wheat and oatmeal accompanied by a light banana freshness. The first gulp was very drying in the mouth, almost like it sucked all the moisture out of your palate. The body was thick and creamy with a lovely oat sweetness. It was very light in taste, with tones of wheat and yeast, backed up with a minor bitter orange peel hint. The aftertaste was a mix of small herbal hints and citrus, but mainly the emphasis was on just how thick it left the palate. A slight sourness to it came through as well.

    I was really happy to have a Baladin in one of my tasting finally. I liked this, but I actually thought I would like it more than I did. Maybe because the body was so drying or because it has quite a hefty price to it, but I probably wouldn’t instinctively reach for this if I wanted a witbier. I id enjoy drinking it though. I would class this under the category of “good, but not great”.