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    Style: German style pilsner lager
    Brewery: Dugges
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 5%
    Price: 23kr
    Systembolaget: 33276

    As this tasting was focusing purely on Dugges beers, it seemed like trying their lighter beers first would be the perfect start to the night. This is part of Dugges core range and is in continuous production as the main lager in the products. The aim of this lager was to keep it really crisp clean, dry and simple to cater to many different tastes at once. Did they succeed in this aim? I think so!

    This was pale yellow in colour, with only a slight white head forming. There were light cracker notes combined with hints of grass and lemon peel on the nose, which gave a light but very clean aroma. Upon swirling around the glass, it seemed to have a medium body and impressive carbonation for the style, along with a very clear complexion with no hint of haze. The taste consisted primarily of white bread and cracker notes backing up with minor hints of grain, honey, straw and earthy hops. The aftertaste was short but crisp, with a light bitterness left on the palate to finish.

    I thought this was a lovely and easy to drink German style Pils. I liked the crispness and felt very fresh. Faults are easy to notice in beers like this, but I didn’t detect any, which I’m really happy about. A great start to the tasting!