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Brewski Storm APA

    Style: APA
    Brewery: Brewski
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 5.5%
    Price: 33kr

    As this was the Daves Faves tasting, I had to think about all the things I love in this world. Of course, this meant I had to reference my daughter in some way! After a quick search, I came across this APA from Brewski. I have had good experiences with their range, and so this seemed liked the perfect fit.

    This was a very hazy straw colour with frothy white head. The classic APA aromas were in there, with the as expected hints of tropical fruit piercing through. The mango and grapefruit hits combined with some moss and pine notes to form a fragrant but pleasing aroma. A big bitterness greeted the palate on the first sip, with the pine and resin pulling through strongly. It was almost reminiscent of drinking a forest! Grass and sap tones were also clearly there, with a base of tropical fruit hidden well behind. The aftertaste had a long-lasting dry bitterness that continued until the next sip.

    Although this wasn’t spectacular, it was a solid APA. The distinctive forest edge was fully on display, and it had positives across the board. This seems to have gone out of production now, but if you can track down a can you could do a lot worse than this.