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Jamesons Caskmates Stout Edition

    Distillery: John Jameson
    Country: Ireland
    Size: 75cl
    ABV: 40%
    Price: 329kr
    Systembolaget: 87937

    Change can a good thing now and again. There’s nothing worse than repeating the same thing over and over again until you’re tired of it. I want to always try to surprise the guests that come to my beer tastings. Throwing the odd cider into the mix is a nice break from the norm, and this time I chose whiskey. You can’t really get more rock and roll than whiskey though I do admit that maybe Jamesons isn’t that synonymous with the genre. I bought in a bottle because it has been stored in stout casks and that really interested me. I have tried so many beers that had been stored in rum, whiskey or cognac barrels so it was nice to try it the other way round. I’m no whiskey expert but I found this quite drinkable.

    It had very nice sweet smell firstly. The woody cream of the stout barrels and green tea came through nicely on the nose. There was a very creamy taste, with smooth cacao notes also present that I would also attribute to the stout barrels. A butterscotch tone came through in the aftertaste leaving a nice warming sensation in the throat. It didn’t leave any sort of burn.

    This was simple, easy to drink but quite sweet. I don’t think this would be my whiskey of choice but I still enjoyed it. It was a nice way to round off the tasting and I’m glad I put it in the line up for the evening.