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Bernard Dark Lager

    Style: Dark lager
    Brewery: Pivovar Bernard
    Origin: Czech Republic
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 5%
    Price: 27kr
    Systembolaget: 89628

    It must be said, I’m really into my dark lagers this year. The lovely tempered roasted notes backed up by delicate crispness characteristics is a perfect combination for me right now. I tried this a few years ago in Prague and I have been trying to find a place in a tasting for it for a while. As we were holding a chocolate tasting, this seemed like the perfect time to help separate out the heavier, darker porters and stouts we would be tasting on the night.

    This was deep ruby red in colour, with a beige head that held well. It was thin to medium bodied, but this is correct for the style. It was delightfully fresh with hints of grass, cracker and a dash of metal, but of course it doesn’t smell anywhere near as roasted as the colour suggested. Upon sipping, the high carbonation became evident, with the roasted notes finally rising to the forefront along with dark chocolate, grass and a hint of syrup . The slightly burnt malts slowly developed on the palate in the aftertaste, leaving the palate satisfied and invigorated.

    Clean and easy to drink, this is a great dark lager for when you want something a bit deeper in flavour but still want to be refreshed. This has always been one of my favourite dark lagers, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Delightful!