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Gipsy Hill Outlooker Fruited Sour

    Style: Sour beer
    Brewery: Gipsy Hill
    Origin: England
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 5.4%
    Price: 38kr
    Systembolaget: 86548

    I love going into Systembolaget and picking up a few random beers I’ve never tried. It can be a bit hit or miss as you might expect, but sometimes you stumble upon some truly awesome beers. This fruit sour from Gipsy Hill in London is indeed one of those! As I sat in front of the TV one night and opened a can of this, I knew after a couple of sips that I had to grab more to have in a tasting. The next day the basket was filled, and I had finally found the beer I wanted to pair with the white chocolate cheesecake that we would be having at the tasting. As it turned out, it was a perfect combination!

    This was deep and fuzzy rhubarb red in colour with a light pink head that held adequately. The aroma was rather delicious, with big raspberry and blackcurrant notes backed up with cranberry and acidic citrus notes. The taste followed the aroma closely, with big freeze-dried raspberries and blackberry fruity notes dominating. The thick body rolled around the palate upon tasting, coating every inch with the thick red fruit flavour. This also had a high level of carbonation which I didn’t expect, which really invigorated the tongue.  The sourness was rather muted, with a creamy edge taking off the big acidic edge. The aftertaste was short but left a fresh berry residue in the mouth.

    This was absolutely amazing. It was almost like drinking a smoothie in a way, the thick freshness really enveloping the senses. I really enjoyed this, and I could easily drink a few more of these in the near future if I can get my hands on any!