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Aroma (2019)

    Style: Dry cider
    Producer: Pomologik
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 75cl
    Alcohol: 4.5%
    Price: 80kr
    Systembolaget: 80332

    I always love having ciders in the tastings, as it always triggers so many different viewpoints in the guests. I personally love drinking cider, so I thought I would slide this one to the start of the tasting for a nice, easy opening sample. Pomologik is based in Strängnäs and is the creation of Johan Sjöstedt, Oskar Palm and Patrik Svensk. They try to be as low emission as possible, with solar panels and hydropower used to run their facility. This was produced using only Swedish apples, either from abandoned plantations or from sustainable apple producers. Cider in Sweden is classified as any drink containing at least 15% juice which can then be blended with things such as carbonated water and sugar, however this is made from 100% apple juice.

    This poured with light hazy yellow colour, with mild carbonation and little to no head retention as you would expect with a cider. The aroma was lovely, with overripe red apple, honey and floral notes coming to the fore. When sipped, the body felt rather thick, and left the mouth feeling sticky after swallowing. The soft, red apple notes continued into the taste, with hints of orange peel, yeast and spices backing it up. The aftertaste was quite short but pleasant, and left the mouth with a pleasant fruit note that made you want to drink more

    I thought this was lovely, and would be a perfect bottle to share on a warm, spring day. The apple notes were delicious and filled the palate with soft, tasty fruit hits. Highly recommended and a great way to start the tasting.