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Milky Brain Milkshake IPA

    Brewery: Naparbier
    Country: Spain
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 7.1%
    Price: 37kr
    Systembolaget: 11800

    One of my favourite things about beer is the sheer variety in the market today. Every day there is beer flying out of newly created micro breweries or fresh imports from otherwise unheard of places. Finding something new on the shelf can be pot luck sometimes. I’ve picked up my fair share of duds in my time, but you still need to take the chance to discover something new. I picked this up with literally nothing to go by other than the label. A milkshake IPA with lots of fruit puré sounded pretty interesting so I thought I would buy a few bottles for the tasting. I could find hardly no information on the brewery itself, other than its situated in Pamplona. Not exactly an extensive fact file so the beer remained rather a mystery. I was glad I picked it up though.

    The beer was very hazy dull and had a straw hue, with sediment clearly evident in it. A big head formed that was quite spacious in its density. The fruit puré came through strong on the nose with massive orange tones. For once though it was a smell of orange juice though not peel. The aroma was fresh and delicious. After a quick sip, the mango and orange sprang forth on the palate, slightly overpowering the hops notes. A bitter, burnt orange peel sting came through in the aftertaste. The lactose came through in the mouth feel and made the beer quite silky in a way. It got better the further into the bottle I journeyed.

    The main problem I had with this beer was that I think I was trying it at the wrong time. I bought it back in June but it was only now in November I tried it. It is definitely a summer beer and one that would benefit a lot from the heat of a nice warm summers day. It was a beer that really grew on me the more I drank. It is the kind of beer a 10cl sample really doesn’t do justice as it really did improve throughout the drinking of the bottle. I’m glad I picked this up for the selection, but I do wish there would be some (or any for that matter) information about the brewery who made it online!