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Thatchers Vintage

    Producer: Thatchers Cider
    Country: England
    Size: 50cl
    ABV: 7.4%
    Price: 47kr
    Systembolaget: 88425

    I really enjoy oak aged cider. The way the wood imparts a lovely earthy tang to the apple sweetness, and when done well can be a beautiful pairing. I knew I wanted to have one in the tasting, just to show how complex the wood and fruit can become when crafted together well. I have drunk rather a few Thatchers ciders in my time, most notably Thatchers Haze, though I went for the Vintage due to the woody character. I was not disappointed.

    This cider was dark gold to brass in colour, with a head that was slight around the rim of the glass. Medium to high carbonation was evident as well. The aroma was extremely pleasant, with red apple, light oak, dark wood and straw instantly recognisable. On the palate, the cider had a heavy, robust taste and really fizzed on the tongue, coating the palate completely. It swirled around in the mouth, conveying bit hits of woody dankness and farmyard hay blended with the red apple tannins. The aftertaste was warming in the throat, with the alcohol only really noticeable by the warmth in the chest, but this was in a pleasant way.

    What can I say except for this is exceptional cider. Although quite pricey, that can be excused somewhat due to the larger bottle size. This was a lovely example of a proper english cider and if you like your oak, then look no further. No matter the vintage, this will not disappoint.