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Hot Apple Toddy

    So I knew I wanted to end the tasting with something a bit special, and I searched for something different. I thought about going for a calvados, but then my mind turned to hot cider as I was holding this tasting in the winter. When I was at the trade fair, I was served this drink and I knew straight away that I had finally found my final drink. To make the Hot Apple Toddy, cloudy apple juice was heated along with ginger and cinnamon. This was then mixed with 3cl of Tullamore Dew whiskey in a glass and topped off with vanilla whipped cream.

    To say this tasted great would be an understatement. The warmth spices mixed with the cool cream and thick apple juice was just a perfect combination. The warmth from both the heated liquid and the whiskey was cozy and when all combined, tasted like drinking a freshly baked apple pie. If you want to make one of these at home, I would suggest buying an apple juice that doesn’t come from concentrate. I bought Bramhults, which is a cloudy apple juice and that worked beautifully. So if you’re looking for a delicious winter warming drink, give this a go!