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Northern Braggot (2021)

    Style: Braggot (honey beer)
    Brewery: Northern Brewers
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 9.8%
    Price: 39kr
    Systembolaget: 36791

    One of the things I love best about the beer world is there is always something new to try. I had heard of braggots before, but I had never had the chance to try one. It is a rather tiny area of the beer world, blending mead and beer together, usually in a 50 – 50 split. This style became popular during the 14th century and is still the national drink of Wales to this day. I thought it would be perfect to try in the Christmas tasting, so I grabbed a few bottles and I’m glad I did!

    This was dull amber with a slight haze and very low to no carbonation. With a medium to thick body, it had a sweet honey appearance to it as it rolled around the glass. The aroma was of course a lot of honey, but the high alcohol was extremely evident, with it almost burning the nose when inhaled. The beer thankfully tasted a lot nicer than the aroma. Thick in body, the honey and crowberry hits push through once swallowed leaving a short, sweet aftertaste that is quite pleasant. The alcohol is hidden well in the taste, probably due to the high sweetness.

    It must be said I thought this drink was quite strange. Thick and boozy with massive honey notes, it definitely had its mead qualities on display. I could drink this again, but maybe it would be pleasant to share a bottle between a couple of people.