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Fruit World Famous Sour

    Style: Sour beer
    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 6%
    Price: 39kr
    Systembolaget: 38684

    One of the hardest things about holding a beer tasting is actually finding out information about some of the beers. I understand that breweries might want to be a bit secretive about their recipes, but when there is a lack of any sorts of information, it can really hamper the consumer’s interest in the beer. All I could find out about this beer was that it was first released in February 2023, brewed at Omnipollo Kyrkan in Stockholm and is brewed with pineapple and coconut. Luckily, the beer was amazing to compensate this lack of information!

    This looked like a mixture of lemon and pineapple juice when poured, with a hazy yellow colour and thick body. Carbonation wasn’t easy to ascertain just by looking, as it was so hazy but no head formed. There was a lot of floating white sediment on top of the beer and when poured the beer became thicker towards the bottom of the can. When swirled, tiny particles of pineapple stuck to the inside of the glass, just as you would expect fruit juice to do. The aroma was absolutely delicious, with the fresh pineapple and coconut exploding from the glass along with juicy mango. Upon sipping, this beer showed its true colours, with a massive fruity body that encased the tongue. Tiny prosecco bubbles danced on the tongue and helped to showcase the fresh pineapple notes. The acidity takes a back seat to the big fruit flavours, and you almost wish they had raised the sour levels slightly. The aftertaste was quite short but sticky, with the coconut the final note that left the palate. The alcohol was not noticeable.

    This was an absolutely lovely sour beer. Fresh tropical notes and a chunky body helped elevate this sour to being one of my favourite beers so far this year. I need to order some of these for myself to enjoy during the warm summer months!