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Whirl Champions 2022 TIPA

    Style: TIPA
    Brewery: To Øl (plus others)
    Origin: Denmark
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 10.5%
    Price: 60kr
    Systembolaget: 10509

    Starting out as a home brewing project back in 2005, To Øl was permanently established in 2010 working as a gypsy brewery. In 2019 a brewery was built in a former factory in Zealand. The recipe for this triple IPA was co-created by 8 visiting breweries (Ten Hands, Arpus, The Garden Brewery, Left Hand, Mikkeller, Northern Monk, Protokoll and Oddity Brewing). It was produced using kveik yeast which gives massive tropical flavours, which were then enhanced with tropical hops Mosaic and Ekuanot. I was really looking forward to this, but I had a slight reservation due to all the different breweries involved in the making of the beer. Would it be a case of “too many cooks spoiling the broth”? Luckily, this wasn’t the case.

    This was a deep cloudy straw colour with a big haze and even bigger body. The off-white head stayed for a fair while before disappearing. The aroma was potent, with big mango, grapefruit, orange, oats and apricot notes. You could also tell it was a strong beer as you had the faint whiff of a boozy note in the aroma. These continued into the taste, with added hints of pine and lychee. The mouthfeel was soft, full and creamy and gave a lot of character to the beer. The 10.5% was noticed in the chest after swallowing, and left the mouth rather dry.

    I thought this was a very nicely made TIPA, but I wouldn’t say it stood out for the crowd. It was well brewed, with a full taste and nice aroma, but I was never blown away. I thought the 2021 edition from last year was better, but I still look forward to seeing what they do with the 2023 edition.