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Mystery Beer (NEIPA)

    Now usually this is the part where I would state lots of things about the beer and the brewery. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to do that! I was given a few test sample NEIPA from a well-respected Swedish brewery who I’m not allowed to name. We tried the beer for the first time at the beer tasting so it was new to everyone, including me. I must say it was very good but I can understand why it was just a test batch as it still had a few tweaks to be made. It very cloudy deep straw colour and had some lovely juicy tropical fruit notes to it. I honestly didn’t make many notes as I didn’t think there was much use in describing a beer no one can actually buy. If you were at the tasting, I hope you enjoyed it. For those who didn’t attend, you missed your chance I’m afraid.

    I do have one more test sample from the same brewery coming up in another tasting soon though so keep your eyes out for it…