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Green Goblin

    Brewery: Thatchers
    Country: England
    Size: 50cl
    ABV: 5%
    Price: 43kr
    Systembolaget: 89833

    Cider is seen as almost a rite of passage in England. Many people being their drinking experience with cider as it is usually much sweeter than beer and thus easier to drink. I remember drinking cider as soon as I was old enough to step inside a pub and order (legally of course). It has always been an interesting genre and it’s a culture that I miss quite a lot as I currently live here in Sweden. Most of the Swedish cider produced today is crazy sweet to the point that is almost like a soft drink. I thought it was time to finally include a sturdy English cider into the beer tastings so I went for the old classic Green Goblin. Originally made for Wychwood Brewery, Green Goblin is now under the full control of Thatchers and it a popular and well-known brand. I know it as a brand to be relied upon.

    it was shiny gold and clear. It had no head but that was to be expected as it’s a cider. It did have good carbonation though. When swirled, it clung to the glass well and showed a body that seemed rather sticky. The oak came through nicely with the sweetness of the red apples on the nose. The acidity present helped to balance the sweetness to give a joyful freshness on the palate. The aftertaste disappears quite quickly but a lightness remained due to the slightly viscous nature of the liquid. It didn’t dry the mouth out due to it being a medium dry cider. The alcohol was incredibly well hidden, to the point it was hardly noticeable.

    This is an immensely drinkable cider. It reminded me of lazy summer days sitting in the pub back in Oxford drinking a few bottles of this. I didn’t let nostalgia cloud my judgement however. This is a balanced, juicy cider on the first sip or the hundredth. If you have never taken any steps into the world of proper cider (not the mass-produced candy sweet Swedish ciders), then this is a good a place to start as any.