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    Style: Imperial Belgian IPA
    Brewery: Vega Bryggeri
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 44cl
    Alcohol: 9.2%
    Price: 63kr
    Systembolaget: 39105

    The brewery is located in old factory buildings in Ringön, which are part of Hisingen’s shipyard area in Gothenburg. This is a collaboration with Coppersmiths, who are based in Västerås. This was produced on Friday the 13th, at kl.13, and only 1300 cans were produced. It has been hopped with Saaz and Citra. This was the second Vega Bryggeri IPA we tried at this tasting, but would it fare better than the slight middle of the road Strawbeery Haze? I believe so!

    This was clear, light golden with a white head that didn’t hold well. The aroma was a pleasant blend of sweet tangerine, lemon, and papaya peel. The thick body was slightly unexpected but soft and smooth on the palate. The peach notes were at the forefront in the taste along with clementine, honey, and lemon. The aftertaste was long and stuck to the palate, creating a thick residue on the tongue. The carbonation was medium to high, which helped to elevate the taste further.

    This was big, bold and unexpected. It was definitely at the sweeter end of the IPA chart, but if you don’t mind lots of residual sugar, this beer is for you. In short, I really liked this and highly recommend it for a big IPA to enjoy this summer if you can find it.