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Råå Cocoanut Porter

    Brewery: Råå Bryggeri
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 7%
    Price: 33kr
    Systembolaget: 89329

    So on my way to putting together the beers for the eco tasting I looked quite hard to find a darker beer. It was quite easy finding lagers and IPAs that were eco-friendly, but eco stouts and porters were a lot harder to come by. I found Råå Bryggeri and I thought this porter sounded great. Who could not enjoy a coconut and cocoa infused porter. Råå is rather a new and small craft brewery from Helsingborg and I was interested to see what they could do. I’m happy to report that this beer more than exceeded my expectations.

    The beer was deep black with a medium to thick body and with a pleasant coffee head. It smelled delicious, just like a chocolate ball from a café. Coconut, milk chocolate and a light oaky sweetness all emanated the glass. It was all pretty enticing. There was a big coconut hit in the first sip. It was impressive that so much flavour had been passed into the brew, as some coconut porter and stouts I’ve tried before have been rather light with the coconut. There was plenty of  bitter cocoa powder in the taste along with the roasted bitterness of the coffee that came through strong in the aftertaste. It was also quite drying, with a cocoa powder type element in it.

    I have nothing but praise for this beer. The coconut is the star in this brew as it really shines through. The name is perfect for such a yummy chocolate porter. Some information on the brewery website about the beer would be nice though. I found it quite hard finding out much about it. But without question I will be buying this for myself again sometime soon, and I really think you should too. Awesome.