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Cookies and Corpsepaint

    Style: Imperial mint stout
    Brewery: New Level Brewing
    Origin: Canada
    Size: 47cl
    Alcohol: 7%
    Price: 49kr
    Systembolaget: 10833

    Of course, in a rock and roll tasting, you have to have an encore! This was my secret beer in the tasting, and what an interesting beer it was! This stout was brewed by New Level Brewing, in Alberta, Canada, and has been brewed with mint chocolate chip cookies! The brewery was founded by Ross Brothers and was dreamt up whilst they attended Maryland Deathfest, so this brewery was founded on the metal music! Other beers include “Black No. 1 porter” and “Electric Reaper IPA”, which unfortunately aren’t available in Sweden yet (but when they are, of course I need to buy them!). Was this beer any good, though? I would say that… it was a lot.

    This was deep brown to black with a coffee coloured head that didn’t hang around. The aroma was potent to say the least, with a massive mixture of Oreos dough, vanilla, toothpaste and pastry all leaping from the glass. It’s a powerful aroma that is almost too much, and that’s coming from someone who loves mint stouts. The artificial mint taste came through extremely strongly, almost wiping out any semblance of the coffee or chocolate notes that might have resided in the beer. The aftertaste was more of the small, with massive mint notes just rolling over everything.

    This was a fun beer, but to drink a full can of this would take me hours. Literally hours. Trust me, I tried. The mint is just way too strong and in the end it just isn’t fun to drink. If they toned down the mint by about 5 notches, then I would love to give this another go. If you want to try this though, grab a few friends and share a can because you really won’t want to drink more than a small sample.