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Fjällbryggarna Pilsner

    Style: Lager
    Brewery: Fjällbryggarna
    Origin: Sundsvall
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 4.8%
    Price: 30kr
    Systembolaget: 51756

    The Fjällbryggarna brewery is quite a new addition to the craft beer scene, established by three friends just a few years ago. They are based in Sundsvall but all the beer is actually brewed here in Umeå at Bryggverket, which makes Fjällbryggarna a nomad brewery. With a nature and outdoors them to their beers, they have been gaining a good reputation in this region, which looks set to continue this year. I thought I would start the tasting with their pilsner as I wanted something nice and light to begin with like usual.

    This was deep golden in colour with rather low head retention and medium carbonation. There were hints of biscuit, citrus and grass in the aroma, backed by a pleasant sweetness. Upon sipping, it was found to be lovely and crisp. The sweet cracker malts balanced the hits of grass on the back of the tongue. A touch of stone fruit was noted in the background, which can be attributed to the Kohatu hops used in the brewing process. The aftertaste was drying with slightly toasted malt notes in the background, but also left the mouth feeling refreshed. There is a refined bitterness that was higher than expected, but still fit well with the taste profile.

    This was a simple yet clean and easy to drink summer lager. There was a nice balance between the sweet malts and drying body, and I could see myself picking up a few of these in the coming hotter months. Although the price tag might put a few people off, I would still recommend this. Very nice indeed!