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Graphite DDH Black TIPA

    Style: Black TIPA
    Brewery: Nepomucen
    Origin: Poland
    Size: 50cl
    Alcohol: 9.8%

    Browar Nepomucen is based in Jutrosin, Poland and founded by Piotr and Mariusz Musielak. Currently, they have 2 beers in Systembolaget, with more imported to the Swedish market soon by SHRK Brews. Triple IPA is a very recently addition to the IPA scene, signified by high alcohol, thick body and big hop characteristics. This beer has been dry hopped with the aromatic hop Sabro, which imparts distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit and stone fruit aromas. A black IPA is a that has been brewed with slightly darker malts than a regular India pale ale, usually giving a distinct roasted or burnt character to the beer. So to put all that together into one beer, a double dry hopped black triple IPA is quite a task. Luckily, Nepomucen have pulled it off well.

    This was deep, dark chocolate brown to black with a thick, foamy cream head that hung around for a long time. The aroma was a pleasant blend of coffee and grapefruit rind that was light, fresh and inviting. A powerful taste awaited, with some lovely coffee notes that were more like a porter than a black IPA in the strength. The earthy, woody notes blended well with the darker malts, with an impressive body to back it all up. The alcohol was warming but not overly so, hidden well behind the layers of roasted malts. The aftertaste had hints of burnt chocolate and pine, with a gradual decline that left the mouth wanting more.

    This was absolutely awesome, it must be said. Great body, aroma and taste and what was truly impressive was that it never felt crowded. There was space for every aspect of the beer, whether it be the darker malts, the warming alcohol or the heavy hop character. Even with this as a 50cl can, I could easily have a whole beer to myself and come back for more. This is the best beer I’ve tried from this brewery, and I look forward to trying another can sometime soon!