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Elsa (Purple)

    Brewery: Omnipollo
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 8%
    Price: 65kr
    Systembolaget: 11790

    As I moved into the rainbow portion of the tasting, I chose to start from the bottom up with purple beer first. I had a problem originally with the purple beer as I had purchased a blackcurrant beer that turned out to be red rather than my desired purple colour. Luckily though I knew that Omnipollo had just released Elsa and that it was deep purple as I had tried it just a couple of days earlier. I’ve talked before about how much I like Omnipollo before and after a bit of running around I finally managed to get hold of the cans I needed. As I had already tried this as well I knew how good it was, even if it was rather expensive.

    This beer was thick, as in smoothie thick. It was deep purple in colour and produced a light purple to pink coloured creamy head. The aroma was as heavy as I expected, with a heavy hit of blueberries and forest fruits wafting from the glass. The taste followed the aroma, with all those delicious fruits exploding on the palate and just coating the whole inside of the mouth with creamy dark fruit. Minor notes of vanilla, cream and wood were also hidden behind the layers of juicy berries. The aftertaste was short, but I think that was maybe a good thing after the intensity of the beer.

    This was maybe one of the thickest beers I have tried in a long time that wasn’t a stout. I understand why they call it a blueberry smoothie as it was more akin to fruit juice than beer. The 8% alcohol was nowhere to be found, which I’m sure could catch a few people out. I thought this was lovely, with the only negative thing about it being the price. Omnipollo beer have always been at the more expensive range of the market, so it up to you to decide if it’s worth it. As for me though, I would say you should absolutely give it a go if you can as it was such an interesting beer and a really good way to start the rainbow coloured beers.