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Fermenteriet Dubbel IPA

    Style: DIPA
    Brewery: Fermenteriet
    Origin: Skellefteå
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 8%
    Price: 40kr
    Systembolaget: 33652

    Forming roughly 4 years ago, This Skellefteå based brewery is owned by 5 partners and has been going from strength to strength since. Their brew master Victor studied his craft at the now defunct South Side Brewing Co for 8 months before beginning on the Fermenteriet endeavour. They were more than happy to assist with the charity tasting, and were gracious enough to send me some DIPA to enter into the selection.

    I must start with saying I found the label to be fascinating, with the artwork helping the bottle stand out against the competition. The beer itself had a slightly cloudy amber colour with low head retention. Upon sniffing, big earthy notes were recognized coupled with hits of caramel, alcoholic warmth, brown sugar and resin. Massive moss and over ripe sultanas tones hit upon first sipping, coupled again with a distinctive resin and pine edge. The bitterness was long, leading into a warming sensation in the throat. The alcohol was in fact rather prominent in this beer, to the point of being slightly over bearing. A long bitterness lingered, with a drying edge that was pleasant.

    Big aromas and flavours gave this beer a flourish, making it stand out from others in its style class. For me, I personally like a hint more sweetness in my DIPA, but I can understand how others would really enjoy this. If you like your DIPA to be less juicy and more forest themed, then this is for you. A very nice beer indeed.