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2018 September (Blind Tasting)

Gamma Ray APA

Brewery: Beavertown Brewing Country: England Size: 33cl ABV: 5.4% Price: 31kr Systembolaget: 82627 When the levee breaks and I ramble on over the hills and far away to the stairway to… Read More »Gamma Ray APA

Budweiser (USA)

Brewery: Anheuser-Busch Country: USA Size: 33cl ABV: 5% Price: 15kr Systembolaget: 1669 When it comes to global brands, Budweiser is one of the most world renowned. It is the name that… Read More »Budweiser (USA)

Budweiser Budvar

Brewery: Budéjovický Budvar Country: Czech Republic Size: 50cl ABV: 5% Price: 15kr Systembolaget: 1353 The Czech Republic is linked to the lager style of beer like Belgium is to chocolate or… Read More »Budweiser Budvar