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Aroma (2019)

Style: Dry ciderProducer: PomologikOrigin: SwedenSize: 75clAlcohol: 4.5%Price: 80krSystembolaget: 80332 I always love having ciders in the tastings, as it always triggers so many different viewpoints in the… Read More »Aroma (2019)

Apple Ice 2021 Cider

Style: IsciderProducer: Brännland CiderOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 10%Price: 199krSystembolaget: 94021 (2020 vintage) Brännland Cider began producing cider back in 2010 and focus their energy on producing world-class ciders in… Read More »Apple Ice 2021 Cider

Talavas Rosé

Style: Semi-dry Producer: Talavas sidrs SIA Origin: Latvia Size: 75cl Alcohol: 4.8% Price: 99kr Systembolaget: 12128 When picking the ciders for this tasting, I came… Read More »Talavas Rosé