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2024 March (Belgium / Bryggverket)

Abt 12

Style: Dark belgian aleBrewery: Brouwerij St BernardOrigin: BelgiumSize: 33clAlcohol: 10%Price: 37krSystembolaget: 89313 A cheese factory was founded at the beginning of the 20th century in Watou, Belgium, by… Read More »Abt 12

Argentum IPA

Style: IPABrewery: Brouwerij HuygheOrigin: BelgiumSize: 33clAlcohol: 7%Price: 45krSystembolaget: 51567 (6st) This brewery was founded in 1906 by Leon Hyyghe in Melle, on a site that had been a… Read More »Argentum IPA

Tripel Karmeliet

Style: TripelBrewery: Brouwerij BosteelsOrigin: BelgiumSize: 33clAlcohol: 8.4%Price: 32krSystembolaget: 71418 Tripel Karmeliet is brewed by Brouwerij Bosteels, which also brews Kwak. Created by Jean-Baptiste Bosteels in 1791, the brewery… Read More »Tripel Karmeliet

Cuvée De Ranke

Style: 70% sour ale / 30% LambicBrewery: Brouwerij De RankeOrigin: BelgiumSize: 75clAlcohol: 7%Price: 108krSystembolaget: 11507 Nino Bacelle started Brewery Nino Bacelle in 1994, then teamed up with Guido… Read More »Cuvée De Ranke

Barley Sheen

Style: Barley wineBrewery: Nyköping Brewing x BryggverketOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 11.2%Price: 65krSystembolaget: 39906 This was a collaboration between Nyköping Brewing and Bryggverket and brewed as a limited edition beer,… Read More »Barley Sheen

Red Barn Lager

Style: International style lagerBrewery: BryggverketOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 5.5%Price: 25krSystembolaget: 32082 For the past few years in mid-February, Umeå has been the host city of the Swedish Rally. This… Read More »Red Barn Lager

Belgisk Dubbel

Style: DubbelBrewery: BryggverketOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 7.8%Price: -krSystembolaget: – Bryggverket have only brewed this beer once in 2021, and it was thought that it had all been sold, until… Read More »Belgisk Dubbel

Apple Maze

Style: Sour beer with apple juiceBrewery: BryggverketOrigin: SwedenSize: 33clAlcohol: 6.9%Price: -krSystembolaget: – So in later 2023 we came up with the idea of having an apple sour in… Read More »Apple Maze