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2018 November (Swedish All Stars)

Lakrits lager

Brewery: Göteborgs Nya Bryggeri Country: Sweden Size: 33cl ABV: 5.8% Price: 19kr Systembolaget: 31927 As a child I was never a fan of licorice and that opinion hasn’t changed much in… Read More »Lakrits lager


Brewery: Omnipollo Country: Sweden Size: 33cl ABV: 8% Price: 37kr Systembolaget: 31186 The beer Fatamorgana has a name that is steeped in magic. The term fata morgana refers to a mirage… Read More »Fatamorgana

Wisby Lager

Brewery: Gotlands Bryggeri Country: Sweden Size: 33cl ABV: 4.7% Price: 18kr Systembolaget: 84923 As I work in a restaurant that is mainly supplied by Spendrups, we have always had quite a… Read More »Wisby Lager