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Mexican Logger Lager

    Style: International style lager
    Brewery: Ska Brewing
    Origin: USA
    Size: 35.5cl
    Alcohol: 5.2%
    Price: 26kr
    Systembolaget: 13135

    The founders of Ska Brewing, Bill and Dave, began brewing beer in 1995 even before they were old enough to buy it! In 2008 the brewery expanded, and is currently located at Bodo Industrial Park. After 5 years of planning, they opened a distillery in March 2020, however they had to close the same day due to coronavirus restrictions in the state. This has been brewed with Saaz hops, which is a classic lager hops traditionally found in the Czech Republic and Germany. But was this a good way to start the tasting? It was unfortunately mediocre at best.

    This was light golden with a white fluffy head that held for a fair amount of time. The aroma was a bit dull, with a lot of grain, slight lemon and corn. The taste was light and fairly sweet, with those grain notes pulling through first and backed up with sweet white bread and mild earthy notes. The aftertaste was lingering for a while. The carbonation was quite low and the mouthfeel average for the style.

    I thought this was fairly boring honestly. It wasn’t crisp enough to quench the thirst or full enough in taste to really capture the senses. It was a very average lager that I’ve tried many times before, and so It’s hard to recommend with all sincerity.