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The Battle of the North – An introduction

    Over the last few years I heard a lot of debate about which Nordic country is currently producing the best craft beers. With a massive increase in the number of breweries across every region, the choice of beer has never been more varied. From the very top of Norway to the southern parts of Denmark, the beer revolution has swept the Nordic countries. I decided to hold a blind tasting, with four beers from each of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. I went for a blind tasting as I knew that if we just tried the beers Sweden would have an unfair advantage. I would have included Iceland too, however there were just too few beers available over here to pick from. I the decided to split the beers into four categories: Lager, IPA, stout and a wildcard round where any style could be entered. Using an app on their phones, every taster would get to vote for 1 or 2 beers that they enjoyed the most in that round. The results would then be displayed in real-time on a large TV screen. At the end of the tasting, when all the votes had been counted, one country would rule supreme. But which country took home the gold medal and which failed badly? Well carry on to the other pages and you will find out!