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Mozango IIPA

    Brewery: Lagunitas
    Country: USA
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 7.7%
    Price: 35kr
    Systembolaget: 11765

    One of the worst things about living in the north of Sweden is the weather. Quite frankly, it’s shit. We have snow on the ground here from about November to the end of April, and a summer that last for about 5 days. To sit in the sun and enjoy a refreshingly juicy beer is somewhat of a luxury it feels sometimes, one that is usually reserved for being on holiday in sunnier climates. The next best thing to not seeing the sun for a few months is at least getting the feel of summer with a mouth-watering summer beer. This beer fits the bill perfectly, with Laginutas pumping it full of mango juice along with simcoe and mosaic hops. They have a reputation for being exceptionally drinkable IPAs and this is no exception.

    It was golden straw in colour with a slight cloud, probably due in part to the mango juice. There seemed to be a lack of carbonation, yet it was quite hard to tell because of the haze. The bubbly head that did form though held for a little while before disappearing. As expected, there were big tropical aromas leaping from the glass. Mango, sour pineapple and tangerine were all elements that were noted. It was very tangy in every sense. The taste was almost in three distinct parts. The initial hit was of sweet mango then the hops kicked in nicely, created a bitterness that reminded me of fresh grass and a slight pine. It then left a warming pineapple aftertaste that was very pleasant, almost urging you to try another sip. The alcohol was present, but it was smooth and not overwhelming.

    I loved this. I like my IIPAs to be have a lot of character, preferably with lots of tropical fruits in focus instead of massive bitter hops. It was like drinking a little bit of summer, even in the middle of a cold and snowy March. It is such a shame that this was just a small batch release because I would have easily drink a few of those when the sun does finally choose to appear. I just hope that Lagunitas choose to bring this back sometime soon.