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Helloween Pumpkin Spiced Gin

    Style: Spiced gin
    Producer: Brands For Fans
    Origin: Sweden
    Size: 70cl
    Alcohol: 40%
    Price: 349kr
    Systembolaget: 59395

    When I began to plan this tasting, I knew I wanted at least one spirit in the selection, and I presumed it would be a whiskey or rum. It was with great surprise that I found this hard rocking gin with links to Helloween and so of course I had to have it! Helloween is a German power metal band founded in 1984 in Hamburg. They have released 16 studio albums, three live albums, three EPs and 30 singles, earned 14 gold and six platinum awards and has sold more than ten million records worldwide. They have also been referred to as the “fathers of power metal”. I deliberated about making this into a gin and tonic to give to the guests, but after tasting it I realised just how good it was on its own, so that’s how I served it.

    It was very pale yellow in colour and looked quite oily when poured. Cinnamon notes came through nicely in the aroma, coupled with a good hit of nutmeg as well. The pumpkin got pushed into the background somewhat, but those earthy notes were still noticeable. The big cinnamon notes came through strongly in the taste, but never overpowered the juniper in the gin. This was very smooth, very easy to drink and shocked everyone at just how good it was on its own with no mixer.

    If you get a chance you should really try this as this is one of the most fun and tasty gins I’ve tried in a long time. The price is reasonable and well worth your money should you find a bottle. Great job!