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Stassen Cidre Cuvée Rosé

    Producer: Cidrerie Stassen
    Country: Belgium
    Size: 75cl
    ABV: 7.4%
    Price: 60kr
    Systembolaget: 82091

    Before my tastings I like to try all the beers and ciders I am going to be showcasing on the night. It help me to form opinions of the beers along with detailed notes that I can then pass on to the guests. Sometimes though that is not possible, and that is usually due to bottle size. It seems a bit of a waste to open up large 75cl bottles when I will be just trying a few centilitres from it, so sometimes it isn’t possible to try everything beforehand. It also means I get to try something new on the night with everyone else and discuss the product together. This is what happened with this cider, which I tasted for the first time along with guests. I am always a bit nervous when I do this as you never quite know how it will turn out, but I’m glad to say this was enjoyed by all.

    This cider was pink due to the naturally pink flesh of the apple variety it is made from. The body was rosé prosecco like in its appearance, with a light yet sticky body and an abundance of tiny bubbles. Sweet and fruity on the nose, this was pleasant with very soft red apple and red berries coupled together. The mouthfeel again was reminiscent of prosecco, with all the bubbles fizzing on the tongue. There was lovely balance of sweetness to acidity and was immensely drinkable. A short aftertaste finished the sip, leaving the mouth dry yet invigorated.

    This was a surprise indeed. I really didn’t think this would be one of my favorite ciders of the night but I was impressed. If you’re looking for something a little different to have as a pre-drink at a dinner or take to a party, you could do a lot worse than to shell out for on of these. Delicious.