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Bereziartua Sidra Natural

    Producer: Bereziartua Sagardotegia
    Country: Spain
    Size: 75cl
    ABV: 6%
    Price: 86kr
    Systembolaget: 88150

    When I began researching the different style of cider that are found round Europe, the Spanish traditional cider (or cidra) looked one of the most interesting. Served flat from giant barrels, the Basque style cider is usually rather sour and poured from height to aerate the liquid as it is decanted. If you get a chance you should really look at some of the videos available online, as it is really interesting! I wanted a cidra that was the epitome of Spanish cider so I was glad when I found that Bereziartua was available in Sweden. I snapped up 6 bottles and put it straight into the tasting. The reaction from the guests however was quite mixed.

    This poured with a light cloudy lemon hue and with zero carbonation as expected. The aroma had a lot of intense acidity and was reminiscent of a lambic beer. There was an overriding wild yeast cellar funk there too. The taste was an experience. Funky apple and mould were in this acidic mix, which heated the throat and whole torso with its sharpness. The aftertaste was short and dry, but left an intensity in the mouth which was different from anything else we tried that night.

    This is absolutely an acquired taste as I think a lot of regular cider drinkers will find this way too harsh for them. I think it was nice to try something that is authentically produced in the main cider region of Spain, however it’s not an experience I would be racing to repeat.