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Dugges GBG Strawberry Sour

    Brewery: Dugges
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 5%
    Price: 27kr
    Systembolaget: 11512

    There are a few things that I will always associate with summer, such as Wimbledon, water fights and racing to eat an ice cream before it runs down your hand. Strawberries are also up there on that list too. Theres nothing quite like tasting the first strawberry of the summer, especially if it’s paired with some nice whipped cream.  I never quite worked out though why strawberries are called “jordgubbar” in Swedish. It basically translates as “earth guys”. Go figure. When I found out Dugges were coming out with a limited edition strawberry sour beer I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, Dugges has a great reputation of producing hit after hit. On the other hand though nearly every strawberry beer I have tried has either really sweet and so artificial it was more like drinking liquid candy. I was hopefully they could pull it off and they may have made the best strawberry beer I’ve ever tried.

    It had a light orange to pink hue, with medium carbonation and body to match. The head didn’t hold that well but was white while it was there. I think the thing that puts this beer apart from other fruit beers I’ve tried is that this had a nice natural strawberry smell to it. It was light, fruity and juicy sweet but in a natural way. It smelt quite frankly delicious, like liquid strawberry jam. The sourness came through in the first sip but it still had that real strawberry sweetness. It felt like it had a great balance to all the flavours, with a nice acidity to boot. The aftertaste gradually faded to leave a nice fruity tang in the back of the throat that made you want to take another sip straight away. There was a nice, round mouthfeel that coated the tongue well.

    Dugges have produced an excellent sour beer here. It makes you want to have another one straight away. This was really great, a perfect sour to enjoy in the summer sun and with a big bowl of fresh strawberries to compliment it. If you like your beer tasting like earth guys, then this is the beer for you.