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    Brewery: Weihenstephaner
    Country: Germany
    Size: 50cl
    ABV: 7.4%
    Price: 30kr
    Systembolaget: 89098

    Ah, Weihenstephaner. There are a few breweries that spring to mine as soon as I think about the German brewing scene and this is one of them. Their regular hefe weissbier is lovely and so easy to drink while still packed with character. Vitus is firmly in the top 10 of my favourite beers of all time. So for me, any Oktoberfest inspired tasting had to involve something from their range. The Korbinian sounded interesting and so I chose it and I couldn’t have been happier with my pick.

    It was ruby-red to light chocolate-brown in colour. The beer had a slightly off white head that stayed for a long time and was medium bodied. The smell was rather unexpected in a way. I thought it would have a robust roasted note to it but the aroma was more akin to jam to a way. Sweet berries were at forefront, backed up with dark malts, dried fruit and a hint of coffee. The taste was light yet also intricate. It had many different aspect, with raisins, prunes, sweet berries, brown sugar and a hint of acidic black coffee all thrown into the mix together. The beer was rather fizzy and coated the tongue with tiny bubbles. The aftertaste was smooth yet short, with the sweet raisins pulling through again.

    As you might have already realised, I loved this beer. It had such an interesting combination of tastes and was so easy to drink. After the tasting, I believe I nominated this as my favourite beer of the night. I have bought this many times since and I hope to keep doing so. You should find this and you should try this. Excellent.