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Perdition Sour Raspberry Stout

    Brewery: Tempel Bryggeri
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 8%
    Price: 41kr
    Systembolaget: 30345

    OK I feel I have to admit now that Tempel Bryggeri has become one of favourite Swedish craft breweries. With a focus on sour beer, they consistently maintain a high quality product range coupled with amazing artwork on their cans. I tried the Perdition stout on a night out and I thought it was great. I knew I had to put it into a tasting at some stage and the rock themed tasting seemed the perfect place, especially as the can is adorned with a rather gothic goat faced figure. Even though I had already purchased the Wake Up Dead stout for the tasting, this was a completely different style of stout so I though it would be great to be able to contrast the two.

    The had a deep chocolate-brown hue, with a medium body and seemed surprisingly well carbonated. This is marketed as a sour raspberry stout and one whiff is enough to tell why. Big tart raspberry aromas waft from the glass along with some roasted malts, but the emphasis is definitely on the fruit here. The mouthfeel was surprisingly thin but the first gulp gave a plethora of tastes. Acidic cherry, crisp raspberry, tart jam, licorice and some deep malt tones were all noted. Although it is a strange mix, it’s also very nice. The aftertaste was relatively quite short, with it most being akin to licorice and raspberry skull sweets.

    It’s not very often I drink sour stouts so the tartness can be a little jarring at first but then it settles into this delicious mix of flavours. It’s a brave beer that pulls it off in a weird way, and for me there’s nothing better than finding something that is out of the ordinary. If you fancy something a little different, this is well worth your time and money.