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Argentum IPA

    Style: IPA
    Brewery: Brouwerij Huyghe
    Origin: Belgium
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 7%
    Price: 45kr
    Systembolaget: 51567 (6st)

    This brewery was founded in 1906 by Leon Hyyghe in Melle, on a site that had been a brewery since 1654. This IPA was made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the creation of the breweries best known beer, “Tremens” golden ale. It has been refermented in the bottle to give high carbonation, along with being dry hopped with 3 sorts of American hops to give a pronounced bitterness. Belgium style IPAs usually have a clean bitterness and a noticeable dry edge, but would it be a hit with my guests? If I’m honest, it got a rather middling reception.

    This was shiny bronze and clear and topped by a big white fluffy head that held well. Spicy and citrus aromas blended with caramel and yeasty notes that were light and fresh but remained complex. A strong bitterness hit the palate first, combining grapefruit peel and pine, backing up the toasted malts and a herbal hit. The aftertaste was quite long-lasting, with a citrus bite working with a mossy, earthy note.

    I think the Delirium range of beers is excellent, but it must be said I think this is the weakest in the series from what I’ve tried. I thought this was average, with nothing particularly wrong or great about it. Furthermore, I didn’t identify any faults so it can’t be marked down for that, but it just wasn’t that exciting. If you want to try Delirium beers, I highly recommend you start with the Tremens and maybe pick this up a bit later.