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U&Me Funky Chicken Easter Brew

    Style: Dry porter
    Brewery: U&Me Beer
    Origin: Umeå
    Size: 33cl
    Alcohol: 6.8%
    Price: 30kr
    Systembolaget: 35732

    U&Me Beer are the oldest craft brewery currently running in Umeå, clocking in at an impressive 11 years and counting. I’m a massive fan of stouts and porters and so if possible I always like to have one or two in every tasting. This seemed like the perfect fit as I had quite a few lighter beers and I wanted to balance out the selection with something a little darker. I tried this when it first came out, and I remember enjoying it, so it was great that I had the opportunity to include it.

    This was deep brown to black in colour with a creamy, thick body and impressive beige head that held extremely well. The aroma was a blend of tar, tobacco, leather and cocoa. A smokey hit was first noticed upon sipping, with the burnt coffee and dark chocolate backing it up strongly. There seemed to be some acidity in the taste which was unexpected, but this gradually changed into a lovely brown sugar sweetness. The espresso notes slowly lingered on the palate, along with a warming heat from the alcohol.

    This was a very nice porter that could be enjoyed anytime of the year, not just at Easter. I liked the brown sugar edge, coupled with the dark roasted notes. A soft burnt chocolate was very nice indeed too. Overall, a great porter!