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Robinson Krusbär

    Brewery: Bryggverket
    Country: Sweden
    Size: 33cl
    ABV: 4.7%
    Price: -kr
    Systembolaget: –

    When I thought about doing a tasting dedicated the excellent brewers from this region, I knew I would have Bryggverket in some capacity. Their beers range from very good to excellent so I had a plethora of choices to pick for the tasting. I decided to plump for one of their newer beer as I guessed that fewer people would have tried it, and this released within the last few months so it was perfect.

    This was quite reminiscent of light lemon juice in colour, with a good carbonation profile which is right for the style. The aroma consisted of a range of light, sour notes such as fresh kiwi, crab apple, gooseberry and elderflower. Airy, refreshing and very drying on the palate, this had a complex mix of gooseberry , light wheat, hay and lemon juice on the tongue. It dried the mouth quickly but left it feeling fresh.

    This was delicate and so effortless to sip. A good example of a fruit berliner weisse, this again is absolutely more of a “sit in the sun an enjoy the lovely weather with a cold one” type beer. I hope this was be released at Systembolaget soon so it’s a bit easier to get hold of as currently it’s only in restaurants. Until then, if you find it, give it a go! Recommended.